Manufacturer of C.I. and Graded Casting
Our expertness is in making the moulds from following:

No bake sand process
Co2 process
Green sand process (Planning)
We are using these processes for making mould and core to give more strength and for better finishing.
Pouring and Casting:
The prominent features of our casting process include:

Use of pig iron having high silicon content.
Use of special grade scrap.
Use of CE meter for control of carbon and silicon values.
Cupola furnaces are used for melting process and overhead/manually ladles are used for pouring.
Pig Iron   Scrap  
CE Meter      
Shot Blasting, Fettling:
Casting is given enough time to cool down and later on the defects such as sharp edges, roughness are removed with help of shot blasting and fettling to give a good quality finished product.
Shot Blasting
After grinding and fettling it is send for primary coating as per customer requirements.
Other facilities:

For transportation of finished product into the containers we have forklifts and other facilities.
We also provide machining facilities.